Ship Simulator

A ship captain is to deliver his ship and the valuable cargo safely to it's destination.

You are the captain of a massive container ship. Millions worth of goods are your responsibility as you carefully head into port.

Prove your navigation skills, unlock amazing ships and guide them with precision to world's most exotic destinations.

Play now
  • You will battle crosswinds as you navigate through narrow passages.
  • Get lost in the maze of canals in amsterdam
  • Work your way through the Suez canal in a massive oil tanker
  • Take worlds largest cruiseship out of Ford Lauderdale

Well you get the idea. There are many adventures to choose from and our collection of ships and adventures is rapidly growing.


Online game active

4 October 2016 - We get tons of feedback from our Beta testers, the most requested feature was to have optional online accounts to keep track of progress.

Since we now have online accounts, we decided to throw in Multi player as well. You can see other ships moving as you sail your own.

Ships2Career simulator is in Beta

27 September 2016 - Actually, it has been live for a while whith limited users that gave great feedback that haped to iron out many bugs.

The latest improvement is online accounts so you can switch between devices and soon there will even be multi player so you can see everyone near on the water as well.

Apple devices

3 Jul 2016 - Unfortunately on Apple devices Safari tends to be the default browser. Safari isn't HTML5 compliant. Have a try and let me know if you can run ships on Apple devices.

Browser support

17 Jun 2016 - Ships2Career pushes the absolute limits of what can be done with HTML5 but any HTML5 compiant browser will be able to run the game succesfully.

Brand Desktop Mobile


A big thank you to goodboy who made the amazing Pixijs library. Also thank you to Google Maps and MapZen. Ships2Career would not be possible without the excellent Google maps API made available by Google and the Mapzen vector data tiles.

Yes, there is advertising on this page. Most adverts should be relevant to you. They help to keep the game free while paying for ongoing game development.

Ships2Career © 2016 was developed over a period of 4 years by Dinther Product Design Ltd a New Zealand company well known for our work with Google Earth.

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